After so many stops in Brazil, many of us were more than happy and looking forward to a few sea days. There is always a lot to do on sea days and the next three days were no exception. Book club, mahjong, Oscars, 2018/2020 reunions, Galapagos reunion, captains cocktail reception, wine tastings, dinner with old and new friends, ATW dinners, Trivia, wedding vow renewals, birthday parties, choir and the fun goes on. But you can also sleep in and be a little lazy as well. Oh… and eat!!!!

At sea at last. So beautiful and so peaceful.
Some of our friends from Around the World 2018.
Birthday parties. Marilyn celebrating a big one!!
Another 2018 reunion up in the artist’s loft.
Art classes, doodles, zebras, ropes and making my own birthday cards.
The Insignia Singers performing to a standing room only audience in the Insignia Lounge. That’s me in the front row on the right.
All dressed up for Oscar Night and our very own red carpet!!
Playing Chinese Mahjong out on the pool deck with Barbara, Margo, Shelly & Orna. It’s different than American Mahjong and much easier.

So you see there is a lot to do on board and the time flies by like crazy. We are now heading to our first stop – Mindelo, Cape Verde, and then will continue on to West Africa.

8 responses to “AT SEA”

  1. Looking great on the red carpet Pat Did you win an Oscar award?


  2. Always gre


  3. Jacqueline Tilford Avatar
    Jacqueline Tilford

    Love the Oscar look!
    We did a trip from Barbados to SA 5 years ago and once we got to the West Africa area, we had pirate drills☠️ totally unexpected and no one had mentioned the fact that there was even the chance of anything happening. I hope you get to Namibia, totally different and starkly beautiful.


    1. Thank you. It was a fun evening and we all had to guess who the winners would be. Pirate drills are still common even though one doesn’t hear about many attacks, but having said that an oil carrier was hijacked in the same area we were in. Obviously did not see anything, but was told, the pirates don’t bother with cruise ships anymore..too many people on board, whereas a tanker may have only a dozen crew or so. Namibia is also one of my favourites.


  4. Wow you are really having a great time and very busy. I like sea days as well. Love your outfit and hope you win the Oscar . I’m sure you are looking forward to Africa. Hugh Snider had planned a trip this week, but had a small stroke so had to cancel. Loving your blogs.xx👏🙋‍♀️💃💃💃💃🎈💕


    1. Thanks Doreen. It’s been a blast and very busy. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things one wants to do. Every once in a while I just take a day off and stay close to my room and sit out on my veranda and veg!!! Sorry to hear about Hugh. He has had a lot of ongoing health problems what with his heart and now this. I hope he is OK. I’ll be back before you know it!! Love to all, Pat💕


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