BRAZIL -Cabo Frio and Bikinis!!

Making out way up the coast of Brazil and not far from Rio, our next port is Cabo Frio. This is a new port for Oceania and me and it is known for its beaches with fine white sand that has no mica in it and so it doesn’t get hot and you can walk on it without burning your feet and they have a pretty strong surf here. But since I don’t surf, the most fun here was a visit to Rua dos Biquinis or Bikini Street, claiming to be the longest street in the world selling bikinis. Just store upon store for blocks selling bikinis of all shapes, sizes and colours. No I did not buy one!!!! Unless you look like Twiggy, I have a thing about ‘generous’ older women wearing bikinis. But it was fun to look and Cella and I got a couple of cover-ups, a pair of shoes and some sun glasses and then found a great restaurant right there on the canal where we dove right into a delicious butter-laced shrimp lunch plus some other delectable bites and even yummier Pisco Sours. Check out the lime decoration. I am going to do that when I get home, and maybe I should go on a diet too!!

Bikini Street
Yummy lunch!!
Beautiful and its a real lime.

8 responses to “BRAZIL -Cabo Frio and Bikinis!!”

  1. Diet, shmiet, eat, drink, and be happy is my motto😊


  2. Jacqueline Tilford Avatar
    Jacqueline Tilford

    How do they do the lime like that? Think about a climate where you can have a bikini Ave. What would we have…..tuque alley, mitt street.
    I hope you continue to enjoy your wonderful trip.


    1. You are too funny! How about Toque Trail. The journey continues to be amazing.


  3. Doreen McAleer Avatar
    Doreen McAleer

    Great looking lunch forget the diet and enjoy xxx🙋‍♀️💃🥰


    1. We did!! Cruise has been great. Sending love…xxoo


  4. I really enjoy reading all about your adventures! Living life! Lianne (Joy’e ex-daughter-in-law) 🙂 She’s in a good place with people who are taking care of her.


    1. Hi Lianne, So lovely to hear from you. I saw Joy before Christmas at Villa Colombo. She always knows who I am and I saw that it was much better there than the previous place. Please give her my love. Maybe you could tell her about or read her my travels. She used to love following my adventures and always said she lived vicariously through me. I have no way of getting in touch with her from the ship and I wont be back in TO until mid July. Glad you are following along with me and thank you for letting me how Joy is doing.


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