From the burning desert to the seaside city of Coquimbo, with its endless beaches. It is situated in the narrowest part of Chile making it a premiere location for exploring the Chilean Andes. It is an industrial and shipping centre especially for fruit, and copper from the mines in the region. I have been here before so I didn’t do a tour today and instead wandered around town and did a little shopping

The beautiful moody Chilean Fjords.

In between we had a sea day just cruising along the Chilean coast with calm seas and sunshine. I love sea days. You dont have to get up early for a tour, so you can be lazy or you can take part in the many activities that are planned for you throughout the day. There is a well stocked library. We have art classes, trivia, various levels of bridge, mahjong – I even learned how to play Chinese mahjong. Hey, it’s easier than the American game. Also we always have great lecturers, usually people with knowledge of the ports/countries we are visiting.

My work to be part of a larger mosaic. Everyone got a square to paint in art class
The ‘Mixed Nuts’ Trivia Team

In Santiago de Chile I learned some interesting facts on my wine tour in the Casablanca-Santa Rosa area. Years ago in France the Carmenere grape was totally wiped out by phyloxia and thought to be lost to the world. However, prior to the phyloxia outbreak, France had sent a shipment of Merlot grapes to Chile. When they arrived they noticed there were some vines that were different. They did not know what they were but they planted them anyway along with the Merlot vines. Some years later, someone recognized the vines as carmenere and so this grape survived on the other side of the world. The Andes Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west creates a great growing climate for red wine and our guide told us that some of the best reds come from the Colchatua Valley area near here. I will look for them when I get back home.

Carmenere wine.

I have come down with a nasty chest cold and cough, the first I have had since before COVID. I saw the doctor here on board and she put me on an antibiotic and decongestant. So for the next few sea days and through the ports of Puerto Montt, Puerto Chacabuco & Puntas Arenas, I stayed close to the ship or just wandered around the towns and took it easy. The weather is definitely much colder now as we make our way further down the coast. The days are longer also. Where we can, we slip in and out of the Chilean Fjords to avoid the rough waters of the Pacific in this area. It was a treat to see the Amelia Glacier and be sailing in the Beagle Channel where Fitzroy sailed with his ship, the Beagle, with our old friend Darwin on board.

Amelia Glacier

15 responses to “WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES!!”

  1. Fascinating information yet again! Live your “Lemon Square” and hope you’ll be able to get a photo of the entire mosaic when it’s complete 😃
    Feel better soon‼️


    1. Thanks Bilinda. The teacher got off the ship before it was finished and I don’t know what she did with it. So I guess I have a lemon square!! :-). I am feeling much better. Just have to get rid of this cough, One gal on with us had her cough for four weeks!!!! I hope not. XXOO


  2. Always love your posts about your various adventures. Sorry you have s cold and hope you are feeling better soon.


    1. Feeling better thanks. But didn’t mind a few lazy days!


  3. Love your lemons ~hope to see the completed mosaic! ~ and of course all the amazing sights and interesting information. Sorry you came down with the crud ~ wishing you a speedy and full recovery! You know you will now have to come back one day and teach us the Chinese version of Mahjong💕😘


    1. Teacher got off boat before Antarctica so I guess I’ll just hang on to my lemon square. Cold is getting better and you know I would love to come down one day and never mind teach Chinese mahjong but just to have a good vigil with you and everyone. Lots of love 💕


  4. Dear Pat Sorry to hear about your chest cold I hope you get over it quickly. Your post is interesting and exciting as usual
    I don’t know mahjong Chinese or other but it sounds difficult
    The view of the Andes must have provided a fantastic view
    I love the story how the carmenere grape in France made its way to Chile
    I am going to Egypt in March so I hope I will continue to get your posts
    Mermaids send their love


    1. Thanks Hedy. Cold getting better I loved that grape story also. If you are off to Egypt you must both be feeling well and that makes me happy. I had thought that maybe when I get back I could try to teach the mermaids how to play mahjong if anyone wanted to learn. It is a fun game and I happen to have two sets at home. Sending love back to all my mermaid ladies💕


      1. I would love to learn the game mahjong although my learning powers are fast dwindling with age
        Looking forwards to seeing you when you are back


      2. Me too! On all counts!!!


  5. jmtilford@rogers.com Avatar

    Your trip continues to be wonderful. We did the portion you are on now several years ago and I remember the Amelia Glacier. The sun was shining and it looked other worldly as it appeared blue at first and then white, you could hear the grinding noise as it was calving.
    I may have some friends on your cruise…Frances and Tim Price and Anita and Jack Goren. I think there may be several Oceania cruises going back and forth across the bottom of SA. I know Anita and Jack get off their cruise and return to Toronto by about March 1-2. They finish in Buenos Aries.
    Frances and Tim I am not sure about.
    Continue with the trip updates, they brighten our day!


  6. Thanks for this Pat. Your comments are always interesting and the pictures delightful. It sounds like it’s getting chilly in Chile.
    So sorry to hear you have picked up a nasty cold. Take care of yourself. We don’t want you back here until July. :):)


    1. Yes it will be nice and warm by then. I hear you are about to get dumped on up there this week while we are heading north to warmer climes. 🤪😎. Stay warm! Cold getting better now. 🤧


  7. Good Morning Dahlink
    Happy belated New Year!! And so sorry to hear of your affliction and hope the drugs worked.
    I love your writing and descriptions. I feel like I am on tour with you – I only wish.
    Truly an odyssey for me. I finally managed a trip into Toronto to meet a dear old friend. We just had the best time, went to the theatre , wined and dined with another dear friend . A most successful trip that recharged my batteries.
    Couldn’t believe the Yonge – Bloor area. And Holt Renfrew is a disaster.
    Thought spring was on its way but an another snow storm has created some havoc. Am going into New York next weekend to meet some friends and have more fun. Very good for my psyche.
    We have learned that Arizona hasn’t exactly been warm this winter . Unfortunately our days are over spending time there.
    Tom and Connie are at La Mer for the winter – their condo is ok but the elevators lobby , swimming pool are not ok. Tom fell and and as a result had to have a rotator cuff repair etc.. Is your friend at La Mer for the season?
    Not much else new – am in a few book clubs , trying to catch up today with my reading as I can’t go anywhere.
    Love your art😍
    Hugs Carole


    1. Hi Carole. I’m good to go again. The drugs worked. Heard about La Mer. My friend was there but is not spending the season this year. Sorry about Tom. Hope you are both well. It will be spring soon! Glad to have you following along with me. Hugs!


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