Zihuatanejo (Ixtapa), Acapulco & Puerto Chiapas and Sea Days

The weather has been wonderful as we sail along the Pacific coast of Mexico. Some days the ocean has been like glass. The weather Gods are really making up for all that bad weather at the start.

Calm seas and a beautiful sunset.

ZIHUATANEJO was a tender stop where we anchored nearby in the ocean. Since I didn’t have a tour booked here I just made my way into town. Zihuatanejo was put on the map in the movie Shankshaw Redemption. When prisoner Andy tells another prisoner Red that he dreams of escaping and living in Zihuatanejo, a Mexican town on the Pacific coast, because the Mexicans believe the Pacific Ocean has no memory. “That’s where I want to live the rest of my life, a warm place with no memory.” The town hugs the beaches and there are restaurants situated right on the sand, But I was on a mission. Flowers. I walked around town just looking in the shops which were very nice and looking for a flower shop. I finally found one and got a lovely bouquet of flowers for my cabin. I am happy. I also got to practice my Spanish which is much better than I thought, especially when you have to speak because they don’t speak English. My teachers would be proud. I think!! Today is the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It’s the year of the Rabbit bringing peace, diplomacy, integrity & prosperity. God knows we could all use some of these in our world today.

The Beaches at Zihuatanejo from the ship
Head Chef Farid cooking up a storm for the special Chinese New Year dinner in The Terrance.
Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit for the Chinese Lunar New Year. This is the duck/watermelon salad that everyone loves from Red Ginger

ACAPULCO Not much to say about Acapulco. Not my favourite spot in Mexico and I have been here many times with the last visit in 2020. I’ve seen the cliff divers several times. I almost drowned here once a long long time ago. So I decided to stay on board and relax.

PUERTO CHIAPAS Three of us, Milt, Jenny & me had decided not to do a tour here and just take a shuttle bus into the little town of Tapachula and wander around. The ship didn’t have a shuttle because there apparently is a strong taxi union here so Oceania is not allowed to have their own shuttle. So we found a very nice taxi driver, young, well dressed, clean and cute. He agreed to take us into town, along with Larry, a chap we picked up at the taxi stand. Our driver agreed to stay with us and return us to the ship for a reasonable amount and off we went.

At the market. Why are the chickens are so yellow.? Do we bleach our chickens at home?

The port area of Puerto Chiapas is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. However, Tapachula leaves a lot to he desired. It is pretty run down and the market is small and messy. They do have a museum that was interesting and a beautiful city hall right in the centre of town. However the biggest surprise for me was all the people, just hanging out, all over town and especially in the city square. Our driver told us they were all immigrants seeking asylum. You see huge line ups outside the immigration offices here , where the majority of asylum claims are made. Lots of young people and families with little children in tow. I mean I have heard the stories of masses of people just walking and making their way north, but I really had not conceptualized it. For the most part they are stuck here, and they come from all over, Africa, Haiti, El Salvador, the Middle East, Honduras and more recently Russia and the Ukraine, and most come over the border via Guatemala.

Waiting…. unfortunately my photo does not do justice to the crowds, mostly in the background, that we saw.

With so many struggling to get immigration papers, the system is overloaded, and many are just like prisoners here in this city. They can’t leave until they get their immigration papers and apparently it is a very slow progress. I can’t imagine the impact it must be having on the local population. There are many armed police around. But I did not see any evidence of violence. Nor did I feel unsafe. Just people sitting around and waiting. Thank God the weather is nice. Mexico has sent the military to their southern border to try and stop the number of people coming in and they have asked for help in sending these people to other countries in Central America, but I don’t think that is happening. Sad to see.

Sea Days are some of my favourite times on board. There is always lots to do, Or nothing. I like to try and keep up with my blog, but also there are games, lectures and art classes and my favourite thing to do, not only on sea days – Team Trivia. Always so much fun with cruise director par excellence, Ray Carr. Our team is called the Mixed Nuts because we have people from Australia, UK, USA & Canada. So we think we have the world covered.

The Mixed Nuts – L-R MaryAnn & Lance, Australia, Helen & Martin, UK, Pat, Frank & Jim, USA

16 responses to “Zihuatanejo (Ixtapa), Acapulco & Puerto Chiapas and Sea Days”

  1. Hi Pat so happy that you have reunited with your cruising family. We are Naples starting the Reno of the house it is a slow process. Weather has been nice warm and no humidity. La Mer beach and grounds look like a bomb blasted it everything is gone, but Mother Nature is tough it will take some time to rejuvenate. Enjoy and looking forward to you our next blog. Lots of love ❤️ Brigitte


    1. As I said so good to hear from you. Yes it is fun to see all the friends from previous cruises. I can’t imagine what La Mer must look like. But you are right, it won’t be long before Mother Nature puts it all back together. Take care you two and lots of love to you both, Pat 💕


  2. Jacquie Tilford Avatar
    Jacquie Tilford

    Keep the blogs coming. It brightens my day to read about your exploits! Can’t go anywhere while Allen awaits his hip replacement March 4. Plus there is a blizzard outside, and still no sun!


    1. Hi Jacquie. How lovely to hear from you. Sorry about Allen’s hip but he will be up and about in no time after the surgery and without the pain!! A friend sent me a photo of her yard and it is so beautiful. I love snowfalls like that. Clean, fresh, beautiful and still. The kind I remember from growing up in Ottawa. They cancelled Peru yesterday and I am holding my breath because they may have to cancel Galapagos if they can’t change Lima as our return port. We leave from Manta Ecuador which isn’t a problem. So thumbs crossed. Take care. Hugs, Pat💕


  3. Ellen Eisenberg Avatar
    Ellen Eisenberg

    As always, Dear Pat, I am right with you, enjoying your every detail.
    I so love that you do this! Keep having a lovely, relaxing time. (Sea days are my favourite, too.)
    Heavy, beautiful snow is blanketing everything here at home. I imagine you don’t miss it. I, on the other hand, would.
    Sending love and hugs.., Ellen💚🌷💚


    1. Thanks Ellen. So nice to know you are following along. It seems like such a long time since we have had a visit. It IS a long time!!! A friend sent me a photo of her yard today and I love when it snows like that. Everything is so beautiful and fresh and clean and still. So yes I do miss it. Must be my growing up in Ottawa!!
      Sending hugs & love right back to you.Pat💕


  4. Love your posts Pat, so many observations! Glad you now have some good weather. We had a lovely snow fall today, Cocoa loved it. I went to my studio & tried out my new snow boots with ice spikes


    1. Thanks Alice. Glad you are enjoying my posts. A friend sent me a photo of her yard and it looks so beautiful and clean and fresh with all that snow. I actually love days like that. Maybe because I grew up in Ottawa!!! I like the sounds of your snow boots with spikes. How clever!!! Big hugs.💕


  5. Love your around the world trips. Your stories are rich in history, culture and geography. Read every one each day they are posted. Enjoy your journey.


    1. Hi Ron. So glad you are ‘travelling’ with me again and thanks for your comments. It’s great to be back travelling. Lots of old cruising friends on board. Best Pat


  6. Dear Pat I love your blog and so do the Mermaids I can’t pronounce half of the places you’ve visited but I love the stories behind them especially the town filmed in Shankshaw Redemption However I would not want to live in a place with no memory
    My heart feels heavy thinking of all those would be immigrants The world can be a cruel place but thanks to your blog we get to see the beautiful side as well


    1. Hi Hedy, Yes I do receive your comments and appreciate your words. Thank you so much. Here is how you pronounce one place – Zihuatanejo – zee-wah-tan-eh-o. I love saying it. I also love your winter photos. I actually like winter, especially if one is inside a warm cozy place. Lots of love to you both. X0


      1. Hahaha Pat Zhee wan…. Etc sounds like Arabic which I was obliged to learn at age 13 I had to pass an exam in Arabic which was a mandatory requirement to be admitted to University in Egypt I passed barely at age of 16 and was admitted to medical school but needless to say I haven’t mastered the language yet but it is a very rich language with 22 poetic meters as opposed to 4 meters in English I am sure Pat with your love of languages you would have done a better job than I
        We love your blog which is amazing
        Looking forward to your next


      2. I can’t imagine learning Arabic. Yes I do love languages. Seas a little rough over night and today, but it is sunny and warm. Glad you are enjoying my blogs. Makes me happy!!


  7. Hi Pat: sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. The only memory I have of Zihuatanejo is a cop with a machine gun on every corner. So glad you got your beautiful flowers and a safe visit.
    We’re heading into a deep freeze for the next few days but they promise it will be short lived.
    We think of you often and enjoy your detailed analysis of your travels.


    1. Thanks Blythe. I am having a great time. Weather is good. Seas are calm and the food is delish!! Keep my spot open with the mermaids. I’m going to need it when I get back home!!


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