MEXICO – Acapulco

Sunday in Acapulco, and I elected not to do a tour but instead along with several old friends from the 2018 ATW (Around the World), we decided to walk a few blocks to an old church and marketplace.  We were inundated with taxi drivers who insisted they could drive us there, but we kept saying ‘no’ until there was just one man left and he walked with us and made sure we found the area we were looking for.

You always think people are doing this because they are looking for a handout.  But it was a pleasant surprise when we reached the church and I offered him a couple of dollars, that he refused and said he just wanted to make sure we got there safely.  How lovely was that!!! I’m sorry I dont have a photo of him.

People standing outside listening
It was a beautiful church inside.

The church – catholic – as many churches are in this part of the world because of the Spanish influence, was overbrimming with people spilling out onto the steps.  It was the same at the 11, 12 and one o’clock masses.  And it wasn’t just old people.  Many young families were there also.  Our churches at home would feel blessed to have so many parishioners attend Sunday mass.

We wandered around through the stalls where they were selling everything from bubbles to baubles, clothing to corn on the cob, and almost anything in between.  Hot and hungry, we then chose a restaurant – Casa de la Abuelos -(sp) home of the grandparents – (I think it means) to stop for lunch.  Pierre and June, Bill and Mary, and myself had a lovely lunch of pizza – delicious ice cold beer – very refreshing!!!  There was one piece left on the tray when a young boy came along selling Chiclets chewing gum.  No we didn’t want any thank you.  But he stood there and he was eyeing that last piece of pizza.  With “hand language’, I asked him if he would like it and he nodded, and went away with his pizza slice looking like we had bought all of his chiclets and given him a huge amount of money. 

Little girl waiting for her ice cream cone.
The 2018 gang
Margarita Pizza & it was delicious
This man had a weird contraption on his shoulder which turned out to be some kind of a speaker with music and he serenaded the whole restaurant.

Happy and full, we headed back to the ship stopping to look into a shop here or a ‘farmacia’ there and all agreed we had had a lovely day together.  But there was more excitement to come.  The ship had organized a Super Bowl evening with all the trimmings,.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, mac & cheese, chips, pizza and of course lots to drink.  Kansas won much to the chagrin of many and the delight of many others.  Nice way to end a lovely day in Acapulco.

6 responses to “MEXICO – Acapulco”

  1. Sounds like my kind of day. Good thing you got to whoopit up at night . Xx👍🤭🤪🤨🍷


    1. It was a really fun interesting day. I am so lucky to be travelling with friends from my 2018 Around the World. It’s like being with old friends. It is being with old friends!! xoxo


  2. Love the pics!


  3. Glad that’s where you are. We (the Mermaids) wee worried you are on a cruise ship. Stay safe


    1. Hi Hedy. We are all fine on our ship and they are exercising extreme caution to keep us all healthy. It is a little worrying to hear about the problems other cruise ships are having. The only changes have been to our itinerary. It has been changed three times now and we will be missing many places in Asia and definitely no stops in China. Thanks for touching base and say hi to everyone for me. Big hugs!!


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