Time to do all the things you can’t do when you are rushing off the ship to catch a tour, or rushing back to get ready for dinner. There is time to attend lectures, art classes, go to the spa, play cards, read a book, blog, play games, sit on your veranda and contemplate the sea, visit with friends – old and new, check out the shopping, attend a cooking class, or just do nothing!!!!

The rainbow touching our ship, Oceania’s Riviera, is a good omen for another wonderful trip. From the Blue nose ceremony, to laughs at the stairway, all 11 of us in the dining room, we were a little noisy and some guests around us wished we were on another ship, while others seems to want to join in our fun. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, celebrating Kathy’s birthday and my receiving my platinum pin, my art work, cabin parties, dinners with our favourite crew, the brunch dessert table, dinner in Privee, Jacques, martinis in Martinis , and a beautiful moon scape to end another happy day.

2 responses to “SEA DAYS!”

  1. Pat, Sounds absolutely wonderful. You have found the perfect way to travel! And you are surrounded by good people, great food, marvelous vistas and stimulating things to do!!!! I couldn’t be happier for you!❤


    1. I am blessed dear friend. Sorry we didn’t have a longer visit. 3 minutes outside the post office just didn’t cut it for me!!!


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