PAAMIUT, Greenland

The colourful village of Paamiut – pronounced – Pa – aye – mute – sits at the mouth of the Kuannersooq Fjörd at the Labrador Sea, and means, “people who live at the mouth”.  It is a small fishing village of about 1500 residents  with a strong connection to the sea and is rich in Inuit culture.   It also has a long history  of whaling, but today the main fish is cod and it is typically sold to Spain & Portugal. Archeological discoveries indicate this area was inhabited as far back as 1500BC.

Turf house/hut
Inside is very plain and basic. No indoor plumbing but they did have a pot belly stove. This one is a little museum.
Almost like an igloo , but made out of stones and dirt. Even I had to duck to get inside.

Walking about the town, you find again the colourful houses and a particularly beautiful church inspired by the Norwegian stave churches.  The old graveyard at the side of the church, shows that many people die young here. 

I was intrigued by a structure I saw near the big park in this little town and wandered over to see what is was.  I thought it was part of a boat with timbers.  But as I got closer, it was a little house with little benches around the inside walls. The doorway was shaped like a whale’s tail and as I walked a little further around the structure, there I found – what?  A slide.  Someone had created a children’s play structure complete with a cement seal to ride or sit on. 

Canada’s own north is brought to mind many times a day.  It is in the faces of the people who live here, descended from our Inuit.  It is in their art and in their history and their language, Greenlandic.

I saw many such carvings on outcroppings throughout my visit.
Right after this photo, he splashed through a big puddle. Kids will be kids the world over.
Under yet another whale jaw bone arch.


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