The last time I saw Acapulco, my heart was young and gay – to steal a lyric – and I almost drowned.

I wasn’t even swimming.  I was at the edge of the rough water looking for seashells and I wasn’t looking when a big wave hit me and took me out into the undertow.  Three “dash-you-down-to-the-bottom-don’t-which-end-is-up” waves later, I was way outside the surf and three Mexican lifeguards were heading out to save me, while I was frantically trying to get my bathing suit back up to have at least some modicum of modesty.   At the time I was a swimming instructor so that probably saved me, or perhaps it just wasn’t my time.

That was a long time ago when Rob was a very young boy.  We stayed at an old (even then) hotel called Posada del Sol.  It actually was a charming, typically Mexican place and when I asked about it on this visit, they told me they had had a fire a few years ago and now it was an old derelict – abandoned and purportedly haunted.  It could have been me there haunting that old building.   It was in the old part of town and I didn’t have the opportunity to get over there to the other side of the bay.  My memory at that time was raw sewage in the gutters and terrible smells.  As many of you know, I am not good with bad odours.

Hotel Pierre Mundo  pool, grounds & beach.









I was happy to see that the “newer” side of the bay was much cleaner.   Heading out of town you can  find the still beautiful Las Brisas Hotel – which those many years ago was all pink and is now all white with pink trim but still going strong with their pink & white jeeps.  Our destination, was the  Pierre Mundo Hotel.  We had one of our nicest days there, spent relaxing on the beach under a palapa, drinking margaritas and pina coladas, and playing in the waves.  We also had a lovely buffet luncheon.  This end of the bay is much newer with many good looking hotels, gated communities and time shares built on the hills that slope down to the bay.  There are no private beaches in Acapulco, and at least at this beach,  I didn’t find the endless stream of annoying hawkers selling everything from A to Z.

The population is approximately two million.  There are elections going on here in Mexico and we were warned to stay away from any gatherings or political activities.



Back on board the ship, there was a Mexican evening with a Mariachi Band and typical Mexican food and drinks.  However, I have the ship’s cold.  Again!  So I am on antibiotics and I decided to go to bed and try to get rid of this thing.  There will be a lot of parties and get togethers and dinners and goodbyes for the next two weeks, and I want to be healthy!!   Buenas Noches!!

3 responses to “ACAPULCO, MEXICO”

  1. The same thing happened to me when we spent some time there after a cruise, and I experienced the same panic you must have. Luckily I managed to get thrown up on the beach. Scary and there were no warning signs on the beach. Take care and get rid of the cold so you can enjoy the parties and return home well. Xx😘💃🐬🛳🛩


  2. No kidding! and yes it is pretty scary.


  3. Have spent a week over Christmas and New Year there in a lovely gated community, been hosted at two wonderful locations, but – no thanks, wouldn’t want to live there.


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