It was a beautiful day as we sailed into Cabo passing  the iconic “El Arco” rock formation (above).  We had heard a hurricane was in the area and there were questions about whether we would be able to make this port.  However, the storm is long gone and it was warm and sunny.

Cabo is a favourite of several friends and you can understand why.  It is vibrant and colourful and the people are friendly.  The resort city is located on the Baja California Peninsula and has a population of approximately 80 thousand residents.  It is rated as one of Mexico’s top five tourist destinations and is known for its beaches, scuba & snorkelling, and deep sea fishing.  It also has lots of restaurants and bars.

I was off today to swim with the dolphins.  I have never done this before and I was not disappointed.  These intelligent, gentle mammals are magical and they actually look right into your eyes with an eye that is remarkably human looking.  You almost think they would like to speak to you.  Our encounter included petting them, crossing our arms over our chests and they come over and give you a kis on the cheek, and you can kiss them back, swimming with them and diving with them.    You hold onto the dorsal fin and one flipper and they take you down to the bottom of the 15 or 20 foot pool and back up again.  It lasts for about 20 seconds.  What a ride!

IMG_2336dolphin always (2).JPG

Archeological excavations show evidence of continual habitation for at least 10,000 years.  A fishing village began to grow in 1917 when an American company started a tuna business.  The ruins of this original old factory can be seen on the edge of the rocky cliffs close by Cabo.  We passed it on a boat ride out for a close up of El Arco.  We also passed by “Lovers Beach” – a small intimate sandy beach with quiet waves, and we were told that on the other side was “Divorce Beach” with a rocks and dangerous currents.  Gives new meaning to the term “Mexican Divorce” eh?

Old Tuna Factory
Lovers’ Beach







In the winter, pods of whales can be seen in the area. They bear their calves in the warm waters of the Gulf of California after completing their 6000-mile migration from Alaska and Siberia.  Speaking of whales.  We have seen very little evidence of wildlife in the ocean during this whole six months on the water, and I spend a lot of time on my veranda looking out to sea.  Tons of flying fish.  Dolphins a couple of times and one or two people claim to have seen a whale.  BUT, I have seen lots of plastic and garbage!  That is a sad statement on the condition of our oceans.



Great day followed up by some Mexican food and a couple of Margaritas with Susan & Paul.  Hasta la vista!!


2 responses to “CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO”

  1. Have not been to Cabo ! I always hear that it is beautiful, looking forward to seeing you back in Toronto, but glad you are having such a great adventure.xo Ruby


    1. Hi Ruby. It is beautiful. I have friends in Arizona who go there every year and they love it. It does not feel like Mexico. To me st least.


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