Between French Polynesia, Hawaii and the US of A, we had nine sea days.  Now you all know that I love sea days.  There is always lots to do on board along with just sleeping in and being lazy, sitting out in the sun, reading a book, attending wine tastings, watching the sun rise, art class, special lunches and dinners with friends, enjoying sunsets, weddings & anniversaries, cooking demos, work out, lectures, make a bracelet, or absolutely nothing!!

Here are some photos from sea days –  from top to bottom – dinners with friends, yours truly with the polynesian headdress, wine tasting, cooking demo, our featured dancers get married on a beach in Hawaii and party back at the ship, my art gallery, trivia team – very serious, my trainer Sho, who has since left – boo hoo, dinner with friends Deb & Patrick, typical food spread, fun dinner with more friends Bob, Bob, Terri & Brenda, blind wine tasting – we all chose the cheapest wine as the best and dissed the Amerone – we were surprised, girls night out, dinner with our favourite captain and our favourite maitre ‘d Phil who takes the best selfies, new career as a model I have the hat that’s bigger than me, mahjong awards party, Mother’s day cards from home – how very special & thoughtful of Rob, kissing the fish at crossing the equator initiation, my home away from home fo the past  six months, Super Bowl party, cabin party with Paola, Sherry, Regine and a few others, Gary & Gail’s 44th wedding anniversary, another cabin party with Bob & Helma and others.



4 responses to “MORE SEA DAYS….”

  1. The memories are yours forever and thank you for sharing❤️


    1. Yes the memories and the experience has been wonderful. We have less than two weeks to go now, and it will be hard to leave all these lovely friends I have made. I am happy you enjoyed my blog. It was fun writing it.


  2. Your going to miss all these new friends ,all the fun and everyday excitement,all the new places all the wine and food,but will have your family your home your own cooking and all your friends who have had a marvellous time reading of all your adventures and loved every bit of your😘😇🤗


    1. H Doreen, Yes it will be difficult to leave the ship. It has been a marvellous experience and we have made some very nice friends during this time. I will be glad to be back home though and now it is less than two weeks. Hard to believe I have been on this ship for six months. I am happy you enjoyed reading all my ramblings!


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