YEA!!  IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK IN NORTH AMERICA!!  Not that I haven’t totally enjoyed the rest of this voyage and all that I have seen, but I am just that much closer to Toronto – family, home & friends!!

It almost felt like coming home reaching the shores of the USA.  I know Arizona is not that far because I have made the drive between Arizona, LA and San Diego many times.  California and Arizona licence plates abound here, and I was feeling a little homesick for Carefree and The Boulders – my home away from home for six months of the year for the past 20 years.

I didn’t have any tours planned here, but took advantage of a little bit of ‘familiar’ shopping, started to pack away the things I am probably not going to use, like my quilted jacket, scarf and gloves.  Remember – it was -29C when I left Toronto on January 3rd.

USS Midway from my veranda








In San Diego we were docked next door to USS Midway – an aircraft carrier – which is now a museum, but I spent time there on previous visits.  They have one of the best zoos anywhere, and I have been there previously also.  So I found a Ralph’s (grocery store and I believe Don designed their logo).  I picked up some flowers for my cabin and a few other essentials – like wine – also for my cabin.  The wine cost me $22 at Ralph’s and the same wine is $67 on the ship.


We are now on our way to Cabo San Lucas.  We had heard several days ago that there was a hurricane there.  But today we heard it has left the area and the weather should be fine.  Our next two stops after that are not so certain.  Guatemala has the volcano that is still erupting, and Nicaragua is experiencing “political unrest.”  So we will see.  It was lovely and sunny today after the  “June Gloom” in California.  A relaxing sea day.

4 responses to “CALIFORNIA”

  1. Pat – reading your blog while drinking my morning coffee. You are having an incredible time. Enjoy and will see you back in Toronot


    1. Hi Ron, Yes I have had a wonderful voyage and can’t believe it is almost over. We have less than two weeks left and I am sure it will fly by. However, it will be nice to be back home again also. See you in Toronto!!


  2. where a you going! Thought San Diego was you las stop🎈


    1. Miami is our last stop and we are on our way to Cartagena Columbia tonight.


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