Another overnight sail and we arrive in yet another beautiful island in French Polynesia – Rangiroa.  Today I am snorkelling what they call the aquarium garden.  It is another beautiful reef with all sorts of fish, and today we saw black tipped sharks and moray eels.  Our boat man had brought his ukulele to serenade us and we had men in the water in case we needed help.  There was a strong current here also.  When I got out of the water, one of the assistants said I was like a mermaid and obviously loved the water.  Not sure about the mermaid, but I do love swimming in the warm waters here and seeing all these beautiful creatures..

This boat is trying to move forward but it is actually going backwards, being dragged back by the strong current


Afterwards, Sandy and I found a great little French restaurant, Le Relais de Josphine, right on the water and enjoyed some local wine and a delicious omelette avec fromage et jambon, salad and french stick.  We fed the bread to the fish that were just below our deck, enjoyed the wine and spent a regenerating four hours just sitting and listening to the waves break below us.  We also watched people who were  drift snorkelling out in front of us with the strong currents that were being created by the incoming tide.

IMG_0959 2.jpg

They actually have a wine industry here – vin de Tahiti.  When you think about wine growing areas of the world, I am sure that Tahiti is not one that comes to mind right away.  But I  was pleasantly surprized to find an enjoyable white wine, grown here on an atoll and producting about 40,000 bottles a year.  The vineyard is located on an island and is accessable only by boat.  It is the only winery I am sure, where the grapes are tansported by boat during harvest.  It is a dry wine with an intersting taste reminicent of the Loire Valley wines.    I quite liked it. 


IMG_0958 2.jpg

6 responses to “RANGIROA”

  1. Looks glorious. You are going to miss the beautiful water and the snorkelling. Can’t believe you will be back in a couple of weeks. Time seems to go faster every day. Xx😘🤗🐠🐡🐬🦈🐋


    1. Time is flying by right now and everyone ( at least all the ATWs) are lamenting the fact that it’s almost over. It’s going to be a sad last few days. Yes I will miss that wonderful water and the snorkelling. It’s been a glorious experience. But it will be nice to get back and see everyone at home. Hugs.


  2. Hey Gipsey,
    You are so interesting and intetested. No strong current can stop you…..,only boats!!

    Keep the blogs coming. Wr love folliwing you.

    Fred & Cat


    1. Thanks Cat. Still having the time of my life. But we are winding down. I’ll be home before I know it. Not sure if you read it or not. But I was musing about getting a turtle tattoo on my ankle – little turtle tattoo. My son Rob sent me an email and said, Tattoo? Mom, I think it’s time you came back home! Too funny…. Hugs to all.


  3. joybrucerogerscom Avatar

    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about your journey.


    1. I’ll be back before you know it and we’ll get together for sure. Lots of love.


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