After an overnight sail from Bora Bora, we arrived in Papeete Tahita at 5am, and at 6am, five of us were off the ship and boarding a ferry to Mo’orea for a tour of the island on our own.

We found a small little heart shaped island, less populated than Bora Bora or Tahiti with high craggy peaks, sandy beaches and a barrier reef that surrounds Mo’orea like a necklace.  Also, t was the filming location for South Pacific and Mutiny on the Bounty.  We saw an ancient Marea.   A communal or sacred place that serves religious and social purposes.  It may have been used for sacrificial ceremonies as well

Sofitel Hotel

After our tour we stopped at the Sofitel Hotel and purchased a day pass.  For $65, we had a beach chair, towel, lunch and a great beach for swimming or snorkelling.  Unlike Bora Bora and Tahiti, there are fewer hotels here and a less touristy feel to this lovely island that is a favourite destination for honeymooners.

We took the ferry back to Papeete later in the day and walked around town.  In contrast to Mo’orea, it was grungy and run down.  In fairness we did not leave downtown, so I cannot say about the beach area there.  I’m sure it is probably very beautiful also.  We looked around the shops, found a transvestite bar, then a Tapas bar and then found out we could have had a delicious meal at the food trucks which were parked near to our dock.  Oh well, next time.

IMG_0847 2.jpg
Enjoying music in the street
The iconic Mt. Tohivea used in the film South Pacific


2 responses to “TAHITI & MO’OREA”

  1. Wow sounds like a perfect island. South Pacific is one of my favorite films and I would like to see where it was filmed. Maybe someday! Glad you got some pampered beach time!


    1. All of French Polynesia was amazing.


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