Bora Bora is our first stop in French Polynesia,  and I was captured at once.  It is a beautiful island and I have never experienced seeing coral and fish like this in all my many snorkelling or diving experiences.  Hundreds of fish and immense variety as well.  Colourful, beautiful and they swim all around you, come and look in your mask and give you fish kisses.  Amazing.


We took the jet boat to the snorkelling sites and that was a lot of fun also.  We roared past barrier reefs, saw mantas just below the surface and got to see up close the lovely hotel rooms that sit right over the water.  I am definitely coming back.  By the way, our tour guide # 8 was also very nice and knowledgable and easy to look at….. and he played the ukelele!!

Tour Guide #8





I heard of a great restaurant here, called St. James Club.  French fare.  So I organized a dinner party and we went there one evening and it was really nice.  It sits out over the water and you can see all the fish swimming below.  Half the crew from the ship was there also including our chef, food & beverage manager, GM and captain and many others.  So I figured we were in the right place.  It was a fun evening.

IMG_0152.jpgOur second day on Bora Bora, found me once again snorkelling for the morning out in the lagoon – again with tons of friendly fish.  In the afternoon, my friend Jackie and I decided to find a beach.  We stopped at Bloody Mary’s – a must see – and met up with my two favourite guys on board, Will and Clyde.   Lunch and a couple of drinks and a dip in the ocean and it was time to find a “truck ” – hop in the back and drive back to our ship.  Another wonderful day in Bora Bora.

Iconic Bloody Mary’s
Will, Jackie & Clyde







The title picture – is a shot of the barrier reef that surrounds most of these volcanic islands.  They serve as a protector to the coral and its inhabitants, and many have from one to multiple openings, allowing the sea to come in and out during tides and cleanse the lagoon – hence the so very clear waters.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of place xx😘💃🦐


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