No they didin’t give me someone else’s cake.  My passport says Helen Patricia Watt, so Helen it is, on all my ship documents.  Oh well, I know who I am!!

There isn’t really a table or area to hold a huge amount of people, so my birthday got split into three days.  I am not sorry.  It was so much fun with all of my favourite people, and in smaller groups it’s easier to chat!

May 14 – with Deborah & Patrick, Nandi, Clyde & Will, Thamantha, Canute & Julie in the grand dining room.  I was there but no photo, it’s on someone else’s phone.  The Helen birthday cake – above -was carrot – my fave!!




May 15 – Cake, Cathy & Brian, Steve, Barbara & Pat, Barbara, Rich & Helma in Polo.  Fun and laughter!  There is a video on facebook, but I don’t know how to put in on WordPress.





May 16 – Brenda’s birthday, but celebrating Pat’s too in Polo.   Pat & Brenda, Brenda & Bob, Terri & Bob, the whole group!!  This was also my wedding anniversary with Don and we would have been married 22 years.  Hard to believe!  Still missed.


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