SINGAPORE marked the end of the third segment of our Around the World voyage.

Again approximately 400 passengers got off and another 400 got on.  It’s funny to feel now like these people are boarding OUR ship and I know we all feel a little smug.  I wonder if these passengers feel it.  There are still around 192 ATWs, so we make up a third of the population on board and now we mostly all know who we are, although every once in a while you run into someone who has been on since Miami and it’s the first time you have seen them.

As most of you probably know, I am behind with my blog and I thought it would be better if I just skipped ahead and started fresh again.  I apologize and will catch up the the other ports as we move forward….

(Above – Sunsets can be so beautiful at sea and I have a birds eye view from my little perch at the front of the ship)

4 responses to “MOVING FORWARD….”

  1. That is a beautiful way to end every day especially as I am just waiting for the last of the snow to finally melt!

    I am so glad that you are having a wonderful time!


    1. It was a beautiful sunset. The sun just melted into the ocean. Me too! Glad I am having a wonderful time. Lots of love – Mom


  2. Yes, know what you mean about ‘your ship’
    We usually felt bereft when a whole load of cruisers got off and were replaced by “newbies”. We established great friendships with many people during a segment then they upped and left us!! boo hoo boo hoo 😭😭 Then we had to start over with the new lot. But it was all good
    and we have retained friendships with
    many of those “segmented” cruisers.
    Well, we met you in 2011 and that was a blessing from heaven. Love you to bits xx


    1. The other thing that is interesting is how each new group has its own “personality”. The latest group all seem to be rather serious and don’t strike up a conversation easily. Oh well. Yes it was a blessing and I smile whenever I think of Bermuda, Trivia & Name that tune and Betty & Tom and the many wonderful times we have had together since that first getting to know each other. I love you to bits also times two!!


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