I got back to Jangon from Bagan around noon the next day, and had several hours before Insignia sailed.  So I decided to make a quick trip into the city to see the famous and beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda, since we had missed the day before because of our late arrival.  I was not disappointed.

I got a cab and a very nice driver who had limited English.  He was supposed to drop me off at the east gate and then pick me up again two hours later.  He decided to park the car and stay with me.  I think he thought he might not ever see me again and I was very happy that he made this decision.  The Pagoda covers a huge area. Very nice gentleman and he was able to describe a lot of what I was looking at in this world of gold and white.  It was hot and humid, sweat dripped off the ends of my hair and you had to have your shoulders and knees covered.  It was not easy to walk in your barefeet.  Even though the ground was tiled in white – it burned the soles of your feet.

The stupa is covered with hundreds of gold plates.  The top, at 110 meters high,  is encrusted with over 5000 diamonds & 2000 rubies and it is topped with a 75 carat diamond.  It enshrines 8 stands of Buddha’s hair and other holy relics.  It is over 2500 years old.  It also makes one wonder.  There are a lot of very poor people in this country.


Shwedagon consists of hundres of colourful temples, stupas and statues created over 2500 years ago. 


Pouring water on the little Buddhas on the shrine for my ‘birth’ day. This is for health and happiness and you can make a wish.
It is the most sacred and important Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar.

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