There is always lots to do on sea days.  Have a lazy day.  Catch up on blogging!  Right!!  Tidy up your room and of course the usual activities plus some others that only occur on sea days, like art class.  Some people hate sea days, but I love them.  You can sit out on your veranda and catch a few rays, read the book that you have been trying to get through since boarding or just do nothing, because generally we are really busy!

We’ve sailed through a couple of seas that I have never heard of before – like the Laccadive Sea from India to Burma and the Andaman Sea from Burma to Penang, Malaysia. We got an extra sea day on the Andaman Sea as we were not able to stop in Penang, Malaysia because of a sand bar that had developed in the middle of the river and we would not be able to get past……

Pilot coming on board.


Pat with cruise director Leslie Jon.  I love this man.
IMG_2731 2
My apple
Budding Artists graduation photo.


….and so onto Kuala Lumpur!

(Title Photo –  Three seabirds – boobies – trying to hitch an overnight ride on the tiniest little perch.  Not exactly stowaways but they made it!)

10 responses to “SEA DAYS”

  1. ebgdCUeTZ3cKbTT0GOsyrSCnSSEo4LglZcyRayomoKk= Avatar

    Love reading your updates Pat-enjoy every moment! Keep well


    1. Thanks. I AM enjoying every moment. I’m sorry, but who are you. I don’t recognize the email?


  2. Carole Kinnear Avatar
    Carole Kinnear

    Learning and absorbing so much from your excursions. Love your apple painting, just perfect!


    1. Thanks Carole. Are you guys still in AZ? Lots of love!


  3. Hello Pat, I read your blog with such interest. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. What an amazing trip you are on, and such fun, and making new friends as well. I too love days at sea when cruising. What do you know about the Pirates ?? How would they be able to interfere with such a big cruise ship. Has this ever happened on a cruise ship?
    I am leaving Monday for AZ, you know where I will be for ten days, celebrating our dear friends 70th.. Fun, fun,fun, we will raise our glasses to you, and of course will be missing you, not being with us. I will be in touch again soon. Take care, safe travels and a big hug… Diana..


    1. I am so happy your are following me. It is an amazing trip and I am so glad I decided to do this. We are out of pirate territory now and apparently they have boarded cruise ships, but not recently. I think the pirate watch is just a precaution. Have fun in AZ. Have a few marts for me and give Nola a big Happy Birthday Hug. I will miss you all. Lots of love to everyone, Pat


  4. Keep up the writing Pat! Now that we are home from our adventure, I can live vicariously thru you! I am thinking in the pic of you and the cruise director, you look more like the cruise director than him ;-).
    We had a “social director” on our cruise—a a posting that you would be great at! Sail on young lady! Xo Tracy


    1. Thanks Tracy – I enjoyed keeping up with you and your parents also on your cruise. What fun you all had!! If I was a tad younger, I think I might consider working on a cruise line. Next life I guess. Lots of love to all, Pat


  5. Betty Johnston Avatar
    Betty Johnston

    Hi Pat, Great reading your blog! I can’t believe you still have energy after 3 and a half months of amazing adventures. I see that you are enjoying Leslie John as your cruise director. We sailed with him twice and he was so much fun – especially at trivia. You have so many more exciting sights to see on your “cruise of a lifetime.” Take care, Love, Betty


    1. Hi Betty & Tom – I am loving every minute. We passed the 100 day mark recently and it still seems like we just got on yesterday. One learns quickly that one doesn’t have to do ‘everything’ every day and to take it easy. Leslie Jon is my favourite. He finished his contract a couple of weeks ago and we now have Ray Carr. He is also very good, but he is not Leslie. Trivia continues to be my favourite time of the day, but art classes are a close second. Lots of love, Pat


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