Didn’t do a tour here, but Sherry and I took the shuttle bus to the local shopping centre and had a grand time roaming around the four levels of shops, mostly selling sari type clothing and material.  We saw a beautiful red wedding dress, but ended up not buying anything.  Well, except a pair of shoes.  I know!!


We decided to visit the  St Aloysius Chapel built in 1879.  Some say it is on a par with the great Catholic structures  of Rome and is sometimes compared to the Sistine Chapel because every inch is covered in murals, frescoes and other paintings by Brother Antonio Moscheni, see above. There is also a college attached to the chapel.

IMG_3357 2
Inside Aloysius Chapel

IMG_3356 2

Cat & Suzanne

Mangalore is not a very captivating city.  It is a major port in India, and some of their exports are coffee and cashews.   At the chapel, we ran into Suzanne and Cat from the ship, and after our chapel visit,  we decided to try and find a restaurant I had heard about in the neighbourhood.  The church caretaker was able to give us some directions and we ended up at Kadal Family Restaurant where we were the only non Asians in the place.  The food was good.  The Indian beer was even better because we were hot.  The temperatures continue to be in the 90s with high humidity. After lunch, we all went back to the ship in tuk-tuks.  Fun Day.

IMG_3364 2
There are no traffic lanes!
IMG_3363 2
Pat & Sherry int he back of the tuk-tuk

4 responses to “MANGALORE, INDIA”

  1. I see you are catching up on your posts. Sorry I woke you up the other night but so glad we talked. It all looks so wonderful! Love you Mom! Rob.


    1. You can wake me up anytime!! Great to chat with you and thanks again for looking after all my ‘stuff’ at home. Love you too! Mom

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  2. P.S. Happy Easter


    1. Happy Easter to you and the family and thank you for putting my bundle of cards together. So thoughtful and I opened my Easter card yesterday on Good Friday. Hugs Mom


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