You think this man isn’t with me much of the time?  Just walk into a Loblaw’s, Metro, Wal-Mart- (US & Canada) – LCBO or Beer Store at home and there he is.

And now I have travelled half way around the world to Africa where I find him again in the stores he worked with here like – Pick ’N Pay, Ackerman’s, and Truworth’s.  Walking into Pick ’n Pay – large grocery retailer – and you can feel the hand (or pen) of Don Watt in the design of the retail space.









Don also told me that he had created millionaires in the Townships in Africa with his idea of taking an unused shipping container, cutting a window in it, and painting it bright happy colours and selling chicken from these unique “restaurants”.  I took a photo of one, which I cannot say was Don’s, but it certainly has his iconic black and yellow colours. 



It makes me feel very proud of the impact he had on retailers and customers like you and I around the world, and a little sad that he is not here to see his legacy.

It also underlines the significance of the Legacy Award that Don received posthumously from  OCAD – Ontario College of Art & Design – last fall.


10 responses to “DON WATT”

  1. Eisenberg Ellen Avatar
    Eisenberg Ellen

    Gorgeous. Thank you, Dear Pat!


    1. Hi Ellen – It’s really so special isn’t it?


  2. What a genius and wonderful man. We miss him too!
    Cat & Fred


    1. He was and is. It was awesome to come and find his work. I hadn’t thought about it beforehand.


  3. Jim Williamson and Phil Whitaker Avatar
    Jim Williamson and Phil Whitaker

    Watt a Tribute 😃 How proud are you! Loads n Loads.

    Keep enjoying life to the full.

    Hugs Jim

    Sent from my iPhone

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    1. Watt a guy!! and a good person. I am very proud. Life is good!! Loads & loads back at you.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This posting is so very special. Feels like Don is on this amazing journey with you. Know he is always in your heart…but fantastic to see his influence along the way. Keep having fun and love your updates. Hugs. Janet


    1. Hey Janet – It does feel like he is along with me and I think he would have LOVED this. Aways in my heart. I am having a ball. What a journey!! HUGS!


  5. Amazing ❤️ 😊


    1. It truly is amazing. A fabulous voyage in many ways. Love to all the family!!


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