Coming into Walvis Bay in Namibia  is really something.  The town is built along the water and some parts are actually below sea level.  Hence it is protected by a dike against flooding.   But most astonishing is the backdrop of the huge sand dunes and the Namibia Desert that come right up to the edge on the backside of town.  They also have one of the largest flocks of flamingoes in South Africa.

Pat part way up Dune 7

Our tour took us out to the biggest pile of sand I have ever seen.  Dune 7 – a mountain of sand over 1200 feet high.  You can climb it and slide down it and act like a kid again playing in the sand.  What fun!

Welwitchia Plant

The Swakop River Canyon is like a “moonscape” with unusual rock formations and a dry river bed seared into  the landscape by the


A nod to Jen & Hugh

glaring sun and beautiful in the ruggedness of the area.  I saw a Welwitchia Plant that was over 1000 yers old and learned about the dollar bush so that if I ever get lost in the desert, I can survive because the little disc shaped leafs are full of water.  You could see where the animals had nibbled at the edges.  Our guide told us that no animal would ever eat the whole leaf, but would leave it for the next time or next animal.  People should behave like that. 


We drove through Swakopmund  and I saw a sign to Windhoek.  My friend Jen Snyder lived there many many moon s ago.

Interesting note.  We saw a really huge warehouse type building in Walvis Bay where they manufacture tiles.  The building was built by the Chinese and they were allowed to staff the entire operation with Chinese – hiring no locals.  I was to hear similar stories time and again throughout  our stops in Africa. 


Pat, Sherry & Meldy near the moomscape area


2 responses to “WALVIS BAY NAMIBIA”

  1. Hi Pat, Yes you are on home territory there! We lived in Swakop for several years & often drove that road to Walvis – ( & to Windhoek) -I think it has upgraded since then! One of the sand dunes on the road – I think it was called Growler because that is what it did when you walked on it! & H’s mine was not far from the Welwitchia flats!! Cheers Jen


    1. Hi Jen – If I had known it was Swakop (I thought you had lived in Windhoek for some reason) – I’d have taken more photos! Sending lots of love Pat


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