After Cape Town, we had stops in Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban & Richards Bay.

Head in the clouds


PORT ELIZABETH found Clyde, Will & Pat hiring a cab again.  Since we did not have a tour booked, we decided to go to the Kragga Kamma Game Park. We are lucky and find a great driver again.  The boys wanted beer so we stopped at a liquor store and we pickup up cold beer.  Our driver got ice and put it in a cooler and we drank beer as we sailed along the road to the game park.  We had lunch at the game park – and then drove through and saw many animals.  They look like they are in the wild, but you know it is a fenced in area.  Calling it a Game Park is a bit of  a stretch.  There was a rhino with a baby right by the side of the road.  We stopped to look and the rhino tried to charge us.

Mamma rhino just before she decided she didn’t like us so close to her baby

I have never seen anyone put a car in reverse so quickly and I just wish I could have seen the look on Clyde’s face in the front seat.  Fun time again with my two buddies.






EAST LONDON – No tour here today either, so several gals took the shuttle from the ship to a shopping mall which was very nice.  They even had an ice skating rink.

Photo-bombed by Ishmail, one of the butlers on board.

DURBAN – No tour booked for today either, so Sherry & I took the shuttle bus to the Marine Park and then walked along the beach in the surf into town so I could find the old Edward Hotel where I stayed many many years ago.  It had changed.  The lovely old colonial building had been transformed into a modern looks-like-all-the-other-buildings by the beach.  But we had a nice lunch and headed back to the ship.



Replica of a typical Zulu village with the main hut and numerous others for the various wives and children

RICHARDS BAY  I took a tour here to Shakaland, the location where the motion picture Shaka Zulu was filmed.  After filming the company left all the sets in tact and the people of the area decided to use this village to teach about the days of King Shaka, King of the Zulus.   Shakaland is like a “living museum” and we learned about the customs, rituals,  music and everyday life in a Zulu village.  Zulu, by the way, means heaven.






8 responses to “HERE AND THERE…”

  1. Pat – enjoying the blog!


    1. Thanks Ron – glad you are still with me.


  2. Avatar

    HI Pat – Its amazing how fast the time is going and your blog is always entertaining. Enjoy each day the weather at home is still winter so your not missing anything 🙂 Sounds like you have made some wonderful new friends that are sharing this great experience with you. Take care and know that you are missed!
    Lots of love Brigitte and family 🙂


    1. Thanks Brigitte. Time is flying by. I’ll be back before you know it. But I’ll wait until it gets a bit warmer. Love to your mom and everyone. Pat


  3. Hello Pat, We have been on a cruise and then in Naples Florida for a month, so have not kept up with your travels, for a while. On our cruise I was thinking of you, and thinking how amazing to be on your ship for 6 mths, and visiting such interesting places. We have such good friends in St Elizabeth S. Africa. They keep inviting us to visit. Love your blog…


  4. Pat, I meant Port Elizabeth !!..Diana.


  5. H Diana – It is really amazing and every time we start a new segment, I am so happy that I am not the one having to get off the ship. I am loving everything. You should visit. It’s a really interesting part of the world with the opportunity for safaris with many game parks within easy reach. Glad you are following me…


  6. I had lunch with Nola last week. I gave her your blog, so maybe you will be hearing from her. Sheila and I fly to Arizona on April 16th for 70th party time. We will miss not having you with us. Did you get my message on Messenger ?


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