Weather affects us all wherever we may be – freezing in Toronto, melting in Arizona, or dripping wet in the Amazon.  But, I think one is never so much aware of weather as we are at sea.

My journey around the world has taken me, so far, from bone chilling, freezing weather in Toronto, to cold rainy weather in Miami.  The iguanas were freezing and falling out of the trees in Florida.  The Caribbean was hot – low to mid 80’s, and humid – high 80s, as was South America along with more rain.  Now in Africa it is still hot and even more humid.  But the seas for the past few days have been idyllic!  Flat with a gentle roll. Lovely, after many days of eight foot waves, rain and a lot of rocking and rolling.  Chrissy would not have been a happy camper.  And I love it because it is like being in a cradle at night.  Consequently, sleeping very well.  On the other hand, the wine may have something to do with the good sleeps.

AROUND THE WORLD BABES!!  I have been lucky to meet a group of lovely women all travelling solo and none of us knew one another before boarding Insignia.  This is our trivia team and we while we seem mostly to be one point off third place, we are moving up!  For the last couple of days we have been in second place.  So look out!  We are movin’ up!

Back row – left to right – Paula, Sandy, Pat, Margie, Susan  Front row – left to right – Mary, Sherry, Myla


There are 619 passengers on this leg of the cruise – Barbados to Cape Town.  The following is the ranking of countries based on the number of passengers on board – 

1 – USA, 2 – Canada, 3 – UK, 4 – Germany, 5 – Australia

There are 531 repeat guests and 425 have elite status.  Ninety-six are first timers for the 180 day Around the World cruise.  When we reach the end of the second segment in Cape Town, approximately 300 passengers will disembark and I believe the same number will come on board.


On board we have the following number of guests who have reached certain levels on Oceania –

148 BRONZE – 5 to 9 cruises

36 SILVER – 10 – 14 cruises

161 GOLD – 15 – 19 cruises

71 PLATINUM – 20 – 29 cruises

8 DIAMOND – 40 – 59 cruises

1 PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE – 60+ cruises

I received my gold pin on this cruise which is really nice and with two more cruises I will reach Platinum status and that includes a free cruise.

11 responses to “BITS & PIECES…”

  1. Connie deBlaquiere Avatar
    Connie deBlaquiere

    It looks like you have found a wonderful group of kindred spirits. The stats are interesting. I will look forward to much, much more!


    1. Hi Connie – Yes it is lovely to have a group of friends – not attached at the hip, but just to hang out with or have dinner with when we all please. One thing we do religiously though is play Trivia everyday. “The babes are in the house” says the CD…. Lots of fun.


  2. Pat – HELLO….Thoroughly enjoying your posts and the photos. Wow, what a trip! Be safe and continue to enjoy. I will live varicously through you! Maggie and Mark


    1. HI Maggie & Mark – Great to hear from you and wonderful that you are following my blog. It’s like having all my friends with me. Indeed, this is a WOW trip of a life time.


  3. Thank you! I just loved this entry!!! So interesting, every bit of it! Keep ‘em coming, please! So very glad you’re thriving as you are, as is your wont (if you’ll pardon the expression 😜) Sending warm hugs from minus 12° Toronto (I happen to prefer it to hot and humid!)


    1. HI Ellen & Bobby, Glad you are enjoying the blog! And happy you are along with me. Warm hugs are welcome. The weather has changed and it is cooler now. Jacket time for our excursion in Namibia in a 4×4 out to Dune #7. Take care. Hugs!!


  4. Christina Burstow Avatar
    Christina Burstow

    Really enjoying your blog.. When does the book 📚 come out with the juicy bits?


    1. You will be the first to know!


      1. Christina Burstow Avatar
        Christina Burstow

        I hope so 😊


    2. It will be for your eyes only!!


  5. joybrucerogerscom Avatar

    I knew this blog thing would be right up your alley. Everyone seems to be enjoying it as much as I am. I look forward to each one. Thanks for taking the time to tell us all about this fantastic trip! Lots of love to you. Joy


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