Photobombed?  By an Iguana!!                                                                               I took this photo but did not realize this little guy was there until I looked at my photos later on my computer.  At first I thought it was some sort of Inukshuk.  But then realized it was an Iguana, confirmed by the flora and fauna guest speaker on board.   And I didn’t even know they could swim.

4 responses to “Photobombed!”

  1. Cathie Rosenbaum Avatar
    Cathie Rosenbaum

    Wow, what a shot! Who knew they could swim.

    I love Cape Town, but love the wild game more. Are you going to fly up to A game reserve for an overnight and a game drive? If you have never done that, it will be a highlight of your trip. Beg and plead for a way to do that.!!!

    We are loving your blog and emails and pix. Thanks for letting us sail along!

    Hugs šŸ¤— šŸ˜»



  2. I noticed him too, but thought he might have been a statue! Guess he didnt want to be left out of the pic! I think he/she needs a name…šŸ˜„


  3. Pat – I enjoy reading your blog while eating my lunch. Appears you are having fun.


    1. Yes I am enjoying EVERYTHING! Even this rock nā€™ roll ship.


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