The Caribbean and a walk down memory lane.

Can you believe it is almost three weeks since I left Miami.  Obviously there is lots to do on board – trivia, art classes, lectures, entertainment, not to forget eat & drink, plus they have special get togethers for the Around The Worlders.

After Bonaire we had a sea day, thewe had a daily stop in Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and  Barbados.  Barbados was the end of the first segment of the Around The World itinerary.  Many people got off there, and a bunch of new passengers got on for the next segment from Barbados to Cape Town.

I have spent time on many of these Caribbean Islands over the decades,  and I was surprised to see how neglected they seem to be from when I was there years ago.  My guess is it might be those “all inclusive” resorts where you never leave the compound?  They make a lot of money and maybe the rest of the island suffers?  Perhaps the new ports to accommodate the cruise ship industry may be their salvation.  But we are only there for several hours or a day.   For me, it was really sad to see the islands had declined rather than prospered.  

For example, coming into Grenada you think what a beautiful port.  It looks like the French Riviera with houses up the hillside overlooking a harbour with lots of beautiful yachts. But once ashore it was dirty and run down.  The roads and sidewalks are in disrepair and the shops and markets leave a lot to be desired.  It was the same to varying degrees on all of the islands.  But, most important,  the people were delightful and friendly and welcoming.



A selfie moment in Ben’s fruit stall.

I was really looking forward to St. Vincent and my visit to a little island nine miles away called Bequia.  We got over there on a catamaran across the Bequia Channel.  I spent time there back in the 70s at a little hotel on Friendship Bay called the Friendship Inn, run by a 90 year old gnarly ex marine.  He had just married a much younger woman from Canada and she decided she didn’t like living there.  He wanted to sell the hotel.  I wanted to buy it.  Of course we didn’t,  and the old lady at the local store told me the property sold for many many millions recently and is going to be developed with condos.  Oh well.  Easy come easy go and it was nice to see the island again.

8 responses to “The Caribbean and a walk down memory lane.”

  1. The pictures are fantastic….looks so beautiful! And why didn’t we buy that hotel in Bequia??? I would have supported that plan.

    Heard interesting news….Cape Town in South Africa is running out of water and will be out of water by mid April. Let me know what is happening there and what things are like please.


    1. Hi Sweetie – Yes where were you when I needed support for that hotel. :-)) Anyway you know your dad. Glad you like the photos. And I will ask around to see if anyone else has heard that Cape Town is running out of water. By the way, which day are you going to the condo this week? I need something and I thought maybe you could get it and take it to Geoff and he could give it to me in Cape Town?? Its not big and not the end of the world if we can’t manage it. Love you – Mom


      1. Hi Pat, just back from S.A. and the drought is very real. They were on 87ltr. Per person per day over Xmas. This is the dry time of the year for them so rain is not generally around. The winters are wet there. Love the blog and would love to be in your shoes. Happy travels.


      2. I am heading on Wednesday and overnight until Thursday…..send me an email about what you need and how to get it to Geoff. No problem doing that for you……Love from all of us!


  2. OK I will text you I think that may be easier Hugs


  3. Elaine Garfinkel Avatar
    Elaine Garfinkel

    Glad to see that you are having such a great trip. I am in Cozumel until Feb. 13th and having a great time with Mindy, Bob and Baron. They are fluent in Spanish and we are in a Mexican neighbourhood and for me it is fabulous. Continue to enjoy.


    1. Sounds like you are having a great winter also. You continue to enjoy also.


  4. Hi Alysone – thanks for the update. It will be interesting to see how things are there when we arrive at the beginning of February. I plan to meet up with friends and also do some tours. I’ll let you know.


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