Next stop – A R U B A!

I thought you would all like to know that I got out of freezing cold – as in minus 20 something – Toronto on January 3.  Rob took me to the airport and Chris was there to say goodbye with hugs and homemade cookies.  Lucky me!! Great son! Great friend!

Windy soggy Miami

I arrived to a very wet soggy Miami, but at least it was warmer – about 68.  The Intercontinental Hotel had a lovely room waiting for me and shortly after, good friends Jeanette and Ron picked me up and we went out for a delicious Italian dinner nearby.  It was lovely to see them both looking so well and tanned. They said it had been sunny and 80 the day before. Everyone always says that when you arrive and it’s raining in a place that should be sunny!!

Boarding Insignia consisted of a glass of champagne, check in and right into a cocktail party to have a photo with the captain.  Another glass of champagne, some hors d’oeurves and I was off to find my “new” cabin and luggage. My luggage was picked up before Christmas so you can imagine I was very happy to see it sitting outside my door.

My home away from home for at the next six months!

My upgrade room is lovely with a great veranda and a 180 degree of where we are heading. I have met lots of really nice people already and I must say, there are LOTS & LOTS of Canadians on this ship.

I joined a Trivia Team – all gals so far – and we came in third place yesterday, and last night with another group of new friends, formed a “Name that Tune” team last and won first place.  I must say though,  I am missing my CLANGERS. Our Cruise Director is Leslie Jons and I have travelled with him before and I like him very much.  So I know I am going to be a very happy camper for the next six months.

Dinner with Barbara & Brian from Seattle

Today,  Friday January 5 is again cloudy and the seas are still “rolling” but it is getting warmer – 82 degrees and humid. Not complaining though given what I left behind.  It’s been nice to have a few days to ‘settle in’ and I am looking forward to arriving in Aruba today and having a visit with good friends from the Boulders, Lynn & Richard.

3 responses to “Next stop – A R U B A!”

  1. Well I hope the rain stayed in Florida. The cabin looks like great home for the next 6 months!


    1. I love my little cabin and my veranda. Great view from the front of the ship.


      1. joybrucerogerscom Avatar

        I was thinking about the Voodoo dancers you were watching. It would be interesting if you could get them aside and ask them if they were just as frightening at home or if they acted that way, just for show. Imagine how their kids would grow up. Would they be scared or did they think it was all in fun. This information would be part of your travel story.


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