One more sleep…..

….. and I am off on the journey of a lifetime, well my lifetime anyway, and I AM SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY SIT STILL…..

“While your father is still alive, make as many friends as you can; while your horse is alive, visit as many lands as you can.  (Mongolian Proverb)

Well, the horse is still kicking, and for the next six months, I will be trying to live at least part of that proverb on my Around the World in 180 Days voyage on Oceania’s “Insignia”.  As many of you know, I have been waiting for a veranda stateroom, they were totally sold out when I booked this trip over a year ago, and just about a week ago one became available.  Talk about “horseshoes”.  I have a concierge veranda right up at the front of the ship between the two Owner’s Suites.  My agent tells me it is a huge veranda and that I will have a 180 degree view of wherever this ship is heading.  WOW! I am a happy camper.

I depart on January 3 and will travel 39,000 nautical miles; visit 87 ports of call and see 40 countries.  I will explore  20 National Capitals and 56 UNESCO World Sites, and  I know I will return a better person.  I also know how fortunate I am to be able to do this.

For my part, I will try to keep up this blog with notes and photos.  HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH LOTS OF LOVE AND BEST WISHES!!

5 responses to “One more sleep…..”

  1. Elke and Reiner Avatar
    Elke and Reiner

    Hy Patt, all the best to your journey of your live. Love Elke, Reiner and the kids

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  2. Have a great trip Mom…..will miss you so much!


    1. Missing all of you too. Lots of love – Mom


  3. Now you can treat yourself to a bigger bath than in Dudince spa. Enjoy and let health be kind to you.


    1. Thanks John. Having a great time. Today is a sea day and right now we are off the coast of French Guyana. Yestrday we visited Devil’s Island. Pretty grusome place. Hot and humid. I can’t imagine being in solitary confinement with no windows. Cruise has been very good so far.


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