Travelling on 9/11….


I might have guessed it was going to be an unusual start to this trip. I was packed and ready to go before my son came to pick me up yesterday. Almost unheard of. Those of you who know me best, know that usually, I am packing as I run out the door to catch the plane.

I’m off on my art tour in Florence, Italy. It’s my first visit to Florence, and I am so excited to embrace everything. Art, great food, David, great wine, and dear friends. I am travelling with my art group from Arizona and can hardly wait to see them all again.

We board the plane expecting a normal departure, and after taxiing to the runway the captain announces we have to go back to the gate. No explanation – which was strange. We actually ended up somewhere at the back of Toronto Pearson Airport and after many apologies, the captain finally explained we had a ‘disruptive’ passenger on board and crew decided they didn’t want to take a chance and have to turn back half way across the Atlantic. So off HE went into the arms of the law – YES! But then WE had to take his luggage off -YES! That was reassuring. Thank goodness. Then because of the delay we had to put on more fuel. Now we are ready for takeoff.

Another announcement. A passenger says she is not feeling well and needs to get off the plane. With her two kids. Hey people remember this isn’t a bus!!! Although I must say getting off crossed my mind also and if truth be known, it crossed the minds of every passenger on board. So another delay. Find her luggage and the baby seats- obviously not easy based on how long it took. And I must admit I’m still thinking I should be not feeling well either and get off this plane. After all it is 9/11. They got his luggage, but did they get his carry on… What if?

Well now we are up in the air and they are serving drinks and food, and we are only TWO HOURS behind schedule at this point. Some people are worried about connections, but I had a three hour, now one hour wait in Frankfurt. So I should be fine. There’s quite a lot of turbulence. Must be because of those hurricanes. But who cares now, all the champagne they gave us on the ground, and the wine and the gin just kicked in!! Güten Nacht Meine Liebe! (Good night my love!)

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