NAWILIWILI, KAUAI – This may be my favourite island.  Our tour guide/driver, Jack the surfer, came to Hawaii 30 years ago for a friend’s wedding.  He kept coming back every year and staying with them until finally, after many children, they told him they were running out of room and he would have to find […]


HAWAI’I means – HA – breath of life, WAI – water, I – creator HONOLULU, OAHU –  On our way to Hawaii, we have three sea days during which we cross the equator, that invisible line that divides the earth into the northern and southern hemispheres.  So I consider we are on our way home […]


Nuku’hiva is the largest of the Marquesas Islands, and as far as I could find out, the population is about 3000.  Most people live close to the port town of Taiohae. There was only one tour offered here today, a drive around the island to the highest point with wonderful vistas to our ship anchored in […]


RANGIROA  Another overnight sail and we arrive in yet another beautiful island in French Polynesia – Rangiroa.  Today I am snorkelling what they call the aquarium garden.  It is another beautiful reef with all sorts of fish, and today we saw black tipped sharks and moray eels.  Our boat man had brought his ukulele to […]


We sailed overnight from Papeete to Raiatea,  and here I learned all about pearl farming.  How they prepare the oyster, and attach it to a rope until it grows its own attachment, then it hangs there for about two years.  After this period of time, they carefully open the oyster just wide enough to extract […]


After an overnight sail from Bora Bora, we arrived in Papeete Tahita at 5am, and at 6am, five of us were off the ship and boarding a ferry to Mo’orea for a tour of the island on our own. We found a small little heart shaped island, less populated than Bora Bora or Tahiti with […]


FRENCH POLYNESIA continued Bora Bora is our first stop in French Polynesia,  and I was captured at once.  It is a beautiful island and I have never experienced seeing coral and fish like this in all my many snorkelling or diving experiences.  Hundreds of fish and immense variety as well.  Colourful, beautiful and they swim […]