Zip Lining in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!

If I wasn’t certified crazy before I started this cruise perhaps I should have been.  Zip Lining!!  What was I thinking?  And all I broke was a fingernail.  I was probably lucky it wasn’t my neck!!  Sitting around with friends from the ATW 2018 – Milt & Ginny, Milt mentioned he was going zip lining […]

Atlantic to Pacific via the Big Ditch!

It was a relatively quick passage through the Panama Canal.  No waiting at either side and we are out on a calm Pacific Ocean with a blue sky and lots of sunshine.  It looks like a lake out there with the sun sparkling on the water.  Huge contrast after the rough seas of the Atlantic […]

SEA DAYS… and I mean SEA DAYS!!

A beautiful sunrise is the start to my first day at sea. It grows into a typical Caribbean day – blue seas, lots of sunshine, warm and I am looking forward to a visit to Key West. After such a wonderful sunrise to start the morning, we get the news that we will not be […]


I have been sitting on the tarmac at Pearson for almost an hour with a “mechanical problem”, and I am beginning to wonder when we’ll be getting out of here.  People are starting to talk about the new rules for airlines re passenger rights in Canada.  It states they can only keep us on the […]

U.S.A. – Bar Harbor, Boston & New York City

The last time I saw Bar Harbor, Maine my heart was young and gay… as the song goes.  Sort of.  I remember a sleepy little ocean-side village.  Romantic walks along the ocean and a quaint, quiet town.  I was in love – with life and this little town at the time. Today.  It has grown […]

Oh Canada!

Don Watt and his Canadian Flag.** The Canadian part of my cruise takes me to Sydney & Halifax Nova Scotia and Saint John, New Brunswick where they never shorten the word “Saint”, and there is no ’s’ on John, while in Newfoundland, they use ‘St.’   and there is an “s” on St. John’s.  I […]


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sea Days!! Time to do all the things you can’t do when you are rushing off the ship to catch a tour, or rushing back to get ready for dinner. There is time to attend lectures, art classes, go to the spa, play cards, read a book, blog, play games, sit […]

NUUK, Greenland

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland and the largest city, with a population of around 17,000.  It is the world’s northernmost capital and its closest major cities are Iqaluit & St John’s, Newfoundland in Canada, and Reykjavik in Iceland.  Nuuk means “the headland” or “cape”, and lies on the edge of a large peninsula at […]

PAAMIUT, Greenland

The colourful village of Paamiut – pronounced – Pa – aye – mute – sits at the mouth of the Kuannersooq Fjörd at the Labrador Sea, and means, “people who live at the mouth”.  It is a small fishing village of about 1500 residents  with a strong connection to the sea and is rich in […]