It’s not the first time I have travelled through the Panama Canal, but this time I had the best cabin to do so, right at the front of the ship.  So of course I had a Panama Cabin party and a whole bunch of us celebrated with mimosas and pastries.  We had a bird’s eye […]


GUATEMALA, NICARAGUA & COSTA RICA I was so looking forward to Guatemala.  I chose a tour that was taking me to La Antigua, the old capital.  It’s a beautiful city with a huge central square and the lovely old Casa Santa Domingo, an ancient convent and temple that had been buried under tons of debris, […]


The last time I saw Acapulco, my heart was young and gay – to steal a lyric – and I almost drowned. I wasn’t even swimming.  I was at the edge of the rough water looking for seashells and I wasn’t looking when a big wave hit me and took me out into the undertow.  […]


It was a beautiful day as we sailed into Cabo passing  the iconic “El Arco” rock formation (above).  We had heard a hurricane was in the area and there were questions about whether we would be able to make this port.  However, the storm is long gone and it was warm and sunny. Cabo is a […]


Between French Polynesia, Hawaii and the US of A, we had nine sea days.  Now you all know that I love sea days.  There is always lots to do on board along with just sleeping in and being lazy, sitting out in the sun, reading a book, attending wine tastings, watching the sun rise, art […]


LOS ANGELES & SAN DIEGO YEA!!  IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK IN NORTH AMERICA!!  Not that I haven’t totally enjoyed the rest of this voyage and all that I have seen, but I am just that much closer to Toronto – family, home & friends!! It almost felt like coming home reaching the shores of […]


LAHAINA, MAUI – We were treated with a visit to the Iao Valley.  A beautiful lush rain forest with streams and water falls near Wailuku that has been designated a Natural National Landmark. The “needle” is  a lava remnant and rises some 2250 feet from the valley floor.  It is the second wettest place in […]