MEXICO – Cabo San Lucas

The days are still cool as we continue down the California coast with stops in Santa Barbara and San Diego and onward toward Mexico.

We have two excellent lecturers on board.  Dr Sherry Hutt who will be with us for the whole cruise and gives us not only a lot of information about the ports and countries we are visiting but also the human side of the history with interesting and funny stories.  And Mark Fitzpatrick, a former senior US diplomat, who will be speaking about political & foreign policy issues relevant to our destination countries on this segment, and giving us political insight into such issues as US-Mexico relationships,  and immigration issues from Mexico and Central America.

Mimosas before lunch! and be sure to wear your white ATW jacket.
Captain’s cocktail party for the ATWs.
Art class – painted tiles. You could decorate the bathroom!! Mine is on the left one up from the bottom!!

Sea days are a favourite of mine where you can either relax and do nothing, or join in an art class, attend a lecture, sing in the choir or hit the gym. Not to mention the parties!! But it is still always fun to land in a new port. 

Our stop in Cabo San Lucas, a popular tourist destination on Mexico’s Baha California Peninsula, found a group of us headed off the ship in search of Cabo Wabo, the restaurant/bar owned by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen fame.  We were not disappointed.  A bucket of Coronas and a live band playing great music made for a few hours of merrymaking.

Cabo Wabo friends!!


Afterwards, George & Theresa Banfield and I went in search of the Hacienda Hotel, a place George had stayed at 40 years ago.  A fun pedi cab ride for a dollar a piece took us almost to the hotel.  The hotel was at the top of a hill and our ‘driver’ decided he would drop us at the bottom of the hill.  The climb was worth it and I would highly recommend a stay at this beautiful hotel. 

Theresa & George enjoying Margaritas and chips with guacamole made fresh at our table.
View of the beach from the bar at the Hacienda Hotel.

We ubered back to the ship where we were treated to a local folkloric show, Cabo Mariachi.  Beautiful dancers and exciting music.  A nice way to end our day in Cabo. 

8 responses to “MEXICO – Cabo San Lucas”

  1. That was a full day, sounded lovely!


    1. But it was a fun day!!! xo


  2. Love the painted tiles!
    Yours is beautiful – so talented.
    Really really enjoying reading your blogs


    1. Hi and thanks Kathy. It was fun doing them with paint and alcohol. and the blogs too if I could only keep up :-(( too much fun doing other things!! xo


  3. Once again you’ve captivated our souls and made us feel like we were right there with you. Cabo is just perfect as a great escape! Painting tiles sounds like loads of fun too. If it wasn’t for the occasional choppy seas, think I’d love the job of lecturer or guide on your ship…XOXOXOX, Carole & Donny


    1. Hi Carole & Donny – You would be so wonderful. Everyone would love you. Are you sure you can’t get past choppy seas?!!!! And I loved Cabo.
      We are still fine on board. You have no doubt been hearing about coronavirus. They have changed our itinerary twice recently and we have no stops in China now including my visit to the Pandas in Chengdu. They are also not allowing anyone to board – passengers or crew – if they have been in China in the past 30 days. I heard from a friend who is on a ship over in Asia and they just had 15 sea days in a row because their ship was not allowed to dock at any port on their second segment. All because they took on passengers in Guam from Hong Kong. They finally got into Singapore. But this must be a logistics nightmare for the cruise lines. So continuing to enjoy everything – old friends and interesting ports. Lots of love, Pat


  4. Hey Pat, sounds like you are having a great time and I see a few familiar faces in your pictures!
    Does your cruise go to China? Good luck with that!
    We had Sherry Hutt on 30 day Norway\Baltic cruise last July on Nautica. She is very very good. You are lucky to have her for the entire cruise.
    Lots of love to you from your ATW friends
    Cathy and Steve Knight


    1. Hi Cathy, Yes there are 50+ friends from the 2018 ATW, so it’s been very special. Like travelling with a bunch of old friends. We have had two itinerary changes recently and you are right, there will be no ports in China. First change they gave us Taiwan instead. Second change they took that off the list. So who knows what will happen before we get over to that part of the world. I heard from Sandy Swyndall recently and they missed the whole second segment of their cruise, creating 15 sea days before they were allowed to dock in Singapore. No port would allow them to dock because they took on passengers from Hong Kong in Guam. So it is an interesting time. I can see a “Twilight Zone” story where we just float around the oceans, not being able to stop anywhere. NOT!! I will pass on your good wishes and it is great to hear from you. Lots of love to you both – Pat


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