I have been sitting on the tarmac at Pearson for almost an hour with a “mechanical problem”, and I am beginning to wonder when we’ll be getting out of here.  People are starting to talk about the new rules for airlines re passenger rights in Canada.  It states they can only keep us on the ground for three hours plus forty-five minutes, then they must allow us to disembark. I don’t want to disembark! I want to get to my cruise ship!!

The captain finally announces that the problem was a fuel leak in one of the engines that was noticed by a baggage handler.  A BAGGAGE HANDLER!!!  Good for him for noticing, but aren’t there any mechanics around?? I am not sure I really wanted to hear the above, and looking around at the passengers, I’d say most are thinking the same thing.  The captain explains that it is not uncommon to have leaks in cold weather and that we will push back from the gate, allow the engines to “warm up” and see if that solves the problem.  It obviously did, and we were finally on our way.    One hopes though, that the ‘new rules’ will not make airlines take chances. It makes me think, be careful what you wish for people!

After a lovely dinner in Miami at Bal Harbor with friends Jeanette Burnside & Ron Mitler, it’s back to the Fountainbleu Hotel for a good nights sleep in preparation for boarding Insignia the next morning. I was on the Around the World cruise in 2018, and so was excited to hear there would be at least 40 to 50 repeat passengers from that cruise doing the voyage again.  I had no idea how wonderful it was going to be to see these people again. After boarding, there are lots of happy reunions and hugs and everyone including crew is happy to see everyone.  It’s like a big family reunion, really special and warms your heart.  You don’t spend six months with people and not have a lifelong connection with many of them. 

President Bob Binder is there to welcome passengers with a smile and a glass of champagne!!


My home away from home for the next six months.

Unpacking is another thing.  Not so warm and fuzzy. Where to put all the clothes you brought along. What was I thinking!! Oceania provides “Luggage Forward” so they picked up my two large bags before Christmas and I was able to travel with one other and a carry on.  The staterooms on Insignia are somewhat smaller than on larger vessels, so space is limited.  But I managed to get everything away and paused to look at the new decor in my room.  It is very soothing with tones of soft grey, giving the feeling of more space, and splashes of navy blue.  The whole ship had a makeover about a year ago and it really is lovely. Also in my room was a lovely bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne and a bottle of red wine. Nice surprise from Oceania.

We depart Miami around 6pm, and start settling in for the evening.  Next stop Key West. Another chance to look for Jimmy Buffett!! A “solo traveller” get together before dinner had 30+ people, mostly women, show up.  I think that is the largest group I have seen.  Hopefully the cruise industry will realize what a force we are and stop charging us almost double fares for travelling on our own.  Pat Dawson from Arizona is on board with me and after dinner and a cabaret, we, like most people are ready for bed.  The Insignia Production Cast is a group of young talented singers and dancers and Hooray!!! my favourite cruise director, Leslie John, is with us for the first half of the cruise, so all is well with my world.

Moon over Miami or close as we sail off to Key West.
Good Night!!

15 responses to “AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE 2020….. GETTING THERE!”

  1. Christina Burstow Avatar
    Christina Burstow

    Good to hear from you. Keep on traveling 🧳


    1. I’m planning on it!! Wait til you hear about our trip so far!!!!


    2. Hi Chrissy – good to hear from you also. I will keep on travelling as long as I can. Wait til you read the next blog. You will be so happy that you are not with me at the moment!! Take care, Lots of love, Pat


  2. So happy to read that you arrived safely and are on board for another epic cruise. Excited for you and also for all your armchair travellers like me. Relax and get ready for all your amazing new adventures. Xx🙋💃🎈🍾🛳


    1. Good to hear from you Doreen and I’m pleased you will be coming along with me again. Yes!! New adventures….


      1. Look forward to one again following your journey. Love the history and geography lessons as well. Take care and enjoy.


      2. Hi Ron. So nice to hear from you. Didn’t see very much of you around the yacht club this summer. But then again, it was pretty wet over there. Yes I am off again on another world cruise and happy to have you following along with me. Take care, Pat


    2. Hi Doreen, safely on board, but wait til you read the next blog. I too am excited to be able to do the Around the World again. I am so blessed, and I am so happy you will be following along with me. Take care, Love Pat


  3. Okay


  4. All so exciting ‘ ! Say hi to Jimmy for me!xo


    1. Hi Ruby – you know I will if I ever catch up with him!! It’s been an interesting start to the trip all along. But it seems like we are in calm waters now. Take care. Love Pat


  5. Oh my! A scary start for sure, but I’m so glad you arrived safely and are surrounded by so many friends from previous adventures. Thanks for sharing a picture of your room, so we can imagine you “at home” for the next 6 months. We are both looking forward to visiting the world with you, and love the way you share your stories and pictures. Give Pat Dawson a hug for me as well! Sending our love…


    1. Hi. Well wait until you read my next blog. We ran into some serious weather, but all is well now. Nice that you are following along with me again. I like that. It makes me feel good. I also like to see your smiling face. I will tell Pat. We are having a fine time together. Lots of love, Pat


  6. Ronald John Sawchuk Avatar
    Ronald John Sawchuk

    Hi Pat –

    I’m sure you won’t remember us but we were on a segment of the round the world cruise with you in February 2018. I’m not sure, but I think our team was called idiots international. , Or maybe CanAm ? Jackie Tilford, from Toronto, one of our cruise mates from that trip, gave us your blog contact information. Your trivia team was awesome. We are now boarding Crystal Symphony, and have met one of your trivia team members, Sandy, from Sarasota Florida. It is really a small world. We will try to get a picture of Sandy, and I will let her know that we have been in touch with you.
    Cheers, Ron and Lyn


    1. Hi Ron & Lyn – So nice to hear from you. That is Crystal’s newest ship isn’t it? I would love to hear what you think of her. Please say hi to Sandy for me. We follow one another and facebook. Jackie and I keep in touch also and I am glad she gave you my contact. Have a great cruise. Travel safe and have fun, Pat


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