Coronavirus – part 2

What a difference a day makes! One moment I am sailing around the world with wonderful friends – old and new – and the next moment I am in the Sheraton Rio hotel overlooking its own private beach and the beach at LeBlon.  Beautiful setting in which to wind down after a few hectic days. […]

ECUADOR – Manta, Montecristi & Panama Hats

So!  Like me, did you all think Panama hats came from Panama? Wrong!  They come from Ecuador. Montecristi, Ecuador. Where they have been making them, by hand, for hundreds of years.  One reason why they are called Panama hats maybe because they were shipped out of Panama.  And another reason maybe because President Roosevelt was […]


I am sure everyone has been closely following the news about the coronavirus out of China.  But probably not as close as those of us on board our Around the World cruise with scheduled stops in many ports in Asia.  Every night it seems this virus has increased in numbers and deaths, and has spread […]

EL SALVADOR – Acajutla & San Salvador

Today is the first time since we have been hearing about the coronavirus, that the people checking and greeting us at the port were wearing masks and checking our temperature as we came ashore.  We have all been hearing about the plight of some cruise ships over in Asia but so far we are happy […]

MEXICO – Puerto Chiapas

The southern most state in Mexico is Chiapas.  It has one of the prettiest ports, in my opinion, along the Mexican coast.  Many times we pull in between the tankers and container/cargo ships in industrial ports.  This port was upgraded from a small fishing & agricultural centre, hoping to attract cruise ships as well as […]

MEXICO – Acapulco

Sunday in Acapulco, and I elected not to do a tour but instead along with several old friends from the 2018 ATW (Around the World), we decided to walk a few blocks to an old church and marketplace.  We were inundated with taxi drivers who insisted they could drive us there, but we kept saying […]