Imagine!  Getting off your airplane and walking to the water to catch a boat to your hotel.  There is water everywhere.  And boats of all sizes.  The water laps at the sometimes crumbling foundations of the buildings – some beautiful – some not so beautiful.  Of course Patricia, it’s Venice!  And it was an amazing […]


“First I am Sicilian.  Second I am European.  Third I am Italian” Someone told me this quote was attributed to Goethe, but I was not able to confirm this. However,  from my observations this seems to be a true statement about the Sicilians.  They are very proud of their history which is long and varied.  […]


August.  I have been back home a month now and the PTTS – or Post Trip Traumatic Syndrome, as I call it,  has disappeared, and the dust has finally settled as Helma R, one of my favourite ATW friends,  said recently. I know from many, you felt the same way.  Who knew?  I was rendered almost […]


We are down to our last sea days and it is busy.  We are all trying to cram in final lunches and dinners and meetings and drinks and just saying good bye to so many people, now dear friends, that we got to know and love on this voyage.  Add to that packing!!  I, along with […]


The Cayman’s hold a special place in my heart and I was really looking forward to this return visit after…. ahhhh… too many years to think about. I was not disappointed.  It is still a beautiful island, with lovely beaches and turquoise water and lots of tropical fish.  it also has an important turtle rehab […]


I LOVE CARTAGENA!! I didn’t expect to love Cartagena.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But it is a wonderful, colourful city with a beautiful juxtaposition of old and new and an exciting past of pirates and silver and yes drug wars, but that seems to be past now.         When the […]